Artist Nicole Dupont Lawrence moved to the Garden Island of Kaua‘i in 1993, falling in love with the beauty of the land, as well as many aspects of the Hawaiian culture.

During her childhood in Pennsylvania, Nicole was consistently asked by teachers to “stop drawing on her homework.”  She finds inspiration not only from nature, but from her inner imagination as well.

After attending Philadelphia College of Art, Nicole largely focused on painting – working in  watercolors, acrylics, oils and mixed media.  In her early years of painting Nicole created visionary art some of  which was published in magazines and newspapers.   After moving to Hawaii her work shifted to still life’s, landscape and portraiture.  Not only talented in painting Nicole has explored beaded jewelry, weaving and textiles, writing, gourds and Kukui Lei Mo‘olelo, (kukui nut story leis).

In 1990, Nicole had an acclaimed one-woman show of her visionary paintings in Palm Springs.  Her work has also been exhibited in galleries in California, Florida and Georgia and is in private collections here in Hawai‘i and around the world.

Recently Nicole has found a new passion in photography which she sometimes combines with computer art to create mixed media pieces.   Her nature photography has won awards in the Instagram community.

She currently has two published books, “Doors to Transformation: My Mother – My Self,”  on healing the relationship between mothers and daughters, and  “World in a Shoe: My Journey with Horses,” a memoir of her years training horses. You can read more about Nicole’s writing and her books here.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am wondering if you might be the artist of a painting I acquired a few years ago. It’s signed N. duPont 2000 and it appears to be an oil painting of children playing near Molepe Trail (?) A little research/googling & I believe you may be the artist! If so, I just wanted to say that the painting is very special to me & I treasure it.

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